Potato Propagation in Hot Climates - The Technology
Our potato seed tuber propagation technology is based on four production stages:

Stage 1: Tissue Culture Laboratory

In the laboratory, potato selected clones are propagated in an advanced rapid procedures in order to create: sterile plantlets or sterile micro-tubers.

Stage 2: Mini-tubers production in a virus-free environment

The sterile material is planted in virus-free, insect-proof, green-house in soilless medium under strict plant protection procedures in order to create Pre-Basic potato seed tubers - generation 0 (G0) minitubers. Our system involves few technologies such as: soil fumigation, fertigation, increasing tuber propagation rate and physiological age of the seeds, storage, etc..

Stage 3: Production of potato seed tubers under screens

Generation 1 (G1) in the field is carried out under insect-proof screens that prevent virus infection and Methyl Bromide soil fumigation to prevent seed born diseases. The product of this stage (G1) is stored in a refrigerated container on the site of production.

Stage 4: Production of potato seed tubers in the field

This stage (gen2 and gen3) are produced in the field under strict plant protection control to approve the quality of the produced seeds.

All the propagation procedures are fully inspected by: The Plant Protection & inspection Services ( PPIS) of the Israeli ministry of agriculture.

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