Hot Item - Potato Production in Israel - an Overview 2004
Presented by: Avi Nahmias, Yoav Shulman, Elisheva Shamash.
Israel is located in the east corner of the Mediterranean. The geographic coordinates are: 31 30 N, 34 45 E. The population of Israel is approximately seven million.

The potato is considered one of the major vegetables for consumption. However, the consumption per capita is relatively low:

The Consumption of Potatoes in Israel: (Kg per Capita per Annum )

1990 : 37
1995 : 41
2000 : 42
2004 : 45
Nevertheless, the consumption of potatoes in Israel, has been increasing steadily. Along with the consumption, the production of potatoes has also been increasing.
Potato Production in Israel by Seasons
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Growing Areas
The main areas for growing potatoes in Israel are
1. Ha Chula valley - peat soil

2. Ha Sharon - sandy red soil

3. Sha'ar Ha Negev - medium soil

4. Bney Shim'on - medium heavy soil

5. Eshkol - sandy soil (export)

6. Arava desert - medium heavy soil with saline water (winter crop only)

The Potato as Raw Material for Industry
About 10% of the Israeli potato production is processed.
The major processed products are:
I. Frozen French Fries
II. Potato Crisps
III. Potato Snacks
The Export of Potatoes
Israel is a major exporter of winter potatoes to Europe.
The most exported potatoes are:
I. Baby Potatoes
II. New Potatoes
III. Bakers
IV. Main crop large and medium size - potatoes